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Jewellery  Repairs. Alterations. Design/ Commissions. Bracelets. Bangles. Earrings. Engagement & Wedding rings. Rings. Watches.  Batteries.  Straps.  
Valuations. Gold and Silver bought at top prices.

We believe in personal service, please phone us if you have any questions - 01843223221


Repairs on the premises

From the simplest to the most complicated repairs - a broken chain or catch or a complete rebuild and replace stones in a ring, we will advise and give a quote to bring your worn and broken jewellery back to life.
It seems such a pity to have broken jewellery unused when the cost of a repair can be suprisingly low. 


Jewellery made for you

What could be nicer than to give and recieve jewellery as a present? Perhaps knowing it has been especially made for you?
From the initial discussion to the final creation Simon will work with you to make sure the result is extra special.
Commissioned engagement and wedding rings are a favourite with customers who want to make their special time extra special.


Re-modelling worn and out of date jewellery - and downright ugly items too.

OK, so there are limits to what you fancy wearing - and this .... well .... truely amazing American Thanksgiving pendant might be a favourite for someone as it is certainly something unique, it looks just the thing to melt down! .
So often family heirlooms can not be worn and just lay forgotten.  Perhaps the style of the item leads to it being unwearable, or the condition is so poor that it is not the delight it once was.  Simon will be pleased to bring new life to treasured jewellery.
An alternative is to use the metal, and perhaps any stones in a new creation, making a new, unique, item to keep memories alive.


New Jewellery

We stock a wide range of new jewellery from simple silver to items made from gold, platinum and diamonds.
Or you might prefer Simon to hand make something extra special for you - suprisingly a custom made item may be cheaper than a machine made piece.


Secondhand Jewellery

Well designed and made jewellery has no 'use by' date - we like to buy, polish, repair or renovate and then to re-sell older jewellery. Recently, chain-store and internet jewellery is made so cheaply that it does not last, our range of quality second hand items may include just the thing you are looking for.



We don't have one of these - as it is worth just under  $4000,000, but our shop does stock both new and collector's watches,  From a few pounds to many hundreds, battery and mechanical movements, classic and fashion designs are all here for you to see.
Some of our regular customers are collectors who ask us to look out for watches from their favourite make or era. 
We stock watch batteries and straps and repair watches and clocks.


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